Learn More About Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’s Maeve Press (Exclusive!)


Maeve Press is coming back to our screens for more laughs in season two of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay!

The 17-year-old actress plays Genevieve on the Freeform comedy, which follows Nicholas and his two half-sisters left to cope after their father’s untimely death, with not only a devastating loss, but also the realization that Nicholas is the one who will have to rise to the occasion and hold it all together.

Maeve stars alongside Josh Thomas as Nicholas, Kayla Cromer as Matilda, and Adam Faison as Alex.

Season two will kick off with a one hour premiere TONIGHT (April 8) at 10pm ET/PT on Freeform!

In addition to acting, Maeve is also a stand-up comedian and was the youngest comedian ever to perform at the Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival, NJ’s Hoboken Comedy Festival and the Burbank Comedy Festival.

Just Jared Jr got to know the young star ahead of the season premiere of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay. Check out 10 Fun Facts about her below!

  • 1. I was the youngest person to attend the Hudson Valley postcard convention where I got some rad early 20th century used postcards for my collection. By the way, “Uncle Alonzo and Aunt Jane did not take well to the humidity.”
  • 2. I performed in front of THE naked devil and THE naked poet all in the same night. I might have been at the wrong open mic.
  • 3. I aspire to be a Great British Bake Off contestant.
  • 4. I once got a participation award in my soccer camp because I didn’t cry when I got hit in the face by the soccer ball.
  • 5. I have a collection of rocks from around the country that I collected at gas stations and sides of roads when my family drove cross country!
  • 6. I have a massive love for musical theater! And I used to do one person performances of Rent, the musical when I was 6!
  • 7. My happy places are comic book stores, off the road antique shops and little old bakeries.
  • 8. I started comedy when I was 11 years old, and my worst bomb ever was at a show for 7 year olds (just because I was a child, it did not mean children liked me).
  • 9. I asked to play Yente in my 8th grade production of Fiddler on the Roof and they gave it to me!
  • 10. I once got a shell stuck on my finger because it looked like a ring and I proposed to myself, I said yes! But then I was stuck with myself.